Mateusz Kowalik - STEPS

Sunday Spotlight — April 28, 2019

Photographer: Mateusz Kowalik

Project: STEPS

Artist Statement: It’s a story of my family in the face of one of the most common diseases of the modern world which is depression. After my mother’s successful recovery, I felt a strong urge to document my family’s struggle with my mom’s depression through photography.        -Mateusz Kowalik

Mateusz Kowalik is a documentary photographer based in Warsaw, Poland. He focuses on long-term projects, and his works are often rooted in his own experience, exploring issues of contemporary society. He debuted in 2016 at the TIFF International Photography Festival with the project Steps. He graduated from Sputnik Photos Mentoring Programme and is a member of PARALLELEUROPEAN PHOTO BASED PLATFORM 2nd cycle. He is currently a student of the Institute of Creative Photography, the largest post-secondary school of photography in the Czech Republic. Find him on Instagram.

Sunday Spotlight is curated by Tara Wray and Zuzanna Szarek. The weekly series features work related to the mission of the Too Tired Project—to foster a community of wellness by sharing photography related to depression. To submit email us here with a link to your project. 

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