Sunday Spotlight — April 14, 2019

Photographer: Kevin Hoth

Project: Emptiness and Presence

Artist Statement: After the death of my longest lasting relationship I moved to Colorado. I spent two full years in a hermetic existence. I arrived in silence and remained there. In this space I found these pictures. I was looking for pictures of emptiness to reflect my inner state. I saw what I needed, but in the end too much time in isolation leads toward confinement. So I moved on to the next life and the next pictures.

Kevin Hoth is an artist whose current work focuses on perception of the landscape and the manner in which multiple spaces can be formed into a singular frame. His work has been shown in over ninety exhibitions nationally and internationally including most recently The Houston Center for Photography, The Center For Fine Art Photography (Fort Collins, CO), and in Humble Arts Foundation New York’s On Death online exhibition. He currently teaches in the ATLAS Institute at the University of Colorado Boulder. Kevin was born and raised in Wisconsin, but now lives with his daughter in mountainous Boulder, CO and gets regularly woken up by coyote cries, owl hoots, and horse whinnies.

Sunday Spotlight is curated by Tara Wray and Zuzanna Szarek. The weekly series features work related to the mission of the Too Tired Project—to foster a community of wellness by sharing photography related to depression. To submit email us here with a link to your project. 

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