Australia on fire, the impeachment of Donald Trump, tensions with Iran, the conviction of Harvey Weinstein, a global pandemic, quarantines, lock downs, hundreds of thousands of deaths, the murder of Black Americans at the hands of the police, Black Lives Still Matter, still no justice for Breonna Taylor, peaceful protests, rioting, police brutality, the Beirut explosion, hurricane devastation in the southern US, earthquakes in Puerto Rico, locust swarms in Africa and Asia, a dust storm in the southern US, unemployment numbers at an all-time high, wildfires on the west coast, economic collapse, businesses closing, and the most divisive presidential election the US has ever seen amongst reports of voter suppression.

Too Tired for 2020 surveys the state of a world darkened by unyielding catastrophes. It is a story of isolation, violence, and struggle - an account of humanity and our environment coming apart under pressure. The artists included in this exhibition share their experiences navigating a world of uncertainty. These are photos of seclusion, political unrest, and the heaviness of day-to-day life after 6 months of quarantine. The featured artists in this exhibition explore their own lives within the context of what can only be described as a time that is truly unprecedented in its heaviness. This exhibition brings together work that to me, holds an incredible historical significance.

- Kelly Burgess, Curatorial Director

Included Artists (hover over each image for artist/title):

May González Apolo, Katelyn Barry, Kat Bawden, Melissa Baerwald, Thatiana Cardosa, Ben Carroll, Jackie Dives, Maxwell Duryea, Eseosa Edebiri, Jon Feinstein, Megan Gonzalez, Andres Felipe Gil Grisales, Lisa Guerriero, Alex Jeedlaf Hernandex, Marissa Iamartino, Eva Kamenetski, Jamshed Kavina, Cassandra Klos, Svetlana Lisichnikova, Carloman Macidiano Céspedes Riojas, Victoria Susanne Maidhof, William Major, Pedro Mora, Chelsea Muscat, Chris Nesseth, Stephanie Noritz, Alayna N. Pernell, Kisha Ravi, Alfield Reeves, Salvador dos Santos, Kristina Sergeeva & Michaela Nagyidaiova, Jody Poorwill, Laurène Southe, Keywan Tafteh, Lauren Taubenfeld, Ruth Toda-Nation, Jessica Antania Trisno, Karli Janell Tucker, Mónica Vilá, Cristiano Volk

Karli Janell Tucker - You Need To

Megan Gonzalez - With Death Comes ?

Melissa Baerwald - Grandpa's Haircut (Impeach Trump)

Jackie Dives - Untitled

Alex Jeedlaf Hernandez - Angeleno taking a stroll through a Solano Canyon neighborhood. His makeshift face mask doubling as protection from the smoke of a brush fire in nearby Elysian Park

Cristiano Volk - Tongue and multipolar neuron

Thatiana Cardoso - Small Daily Tasks

Marissa Iamartino - Pennsylvania Highway

Victoria Susanne Maidhof - Isolation During Quarantine

Laurène Southe - Studied Reflection

Keywan Tafteh - Expression 2

Alfield Reeves - Women in Strength

Raul Rodriguez - Archive Photograph with Dad

William Major -  Defend Black Life. Cumberland, KY. 2020

Pedro Mora - Alone House

Alayna Pernell - Fallen(S)tresses

Chris Nesseth - Untitled

Chelsea Muscat - Clean Snake

Ruth Toda-Nation - Untitled

Maxwell Duryea - The man with the small hands.

Eseosa Edebiri - Did I Ask?

Eva Kamenetski - Untitled

Alfield Reeves - Don't Touch My Hair

Andres Felipe Gil Grisales - Isolated Gaze I

Mónica Vilá - Untitled from Knowing You From the Inside

William Major - Say Their Names

Kisha Ravi - Untitled

Jessica Antania Trisno - Helter Skelter

Lisa Guerriero -America, land of opportunity??

Ben Carroll - Untitled

Jamshed Kavina - It's Just Been That Kinda Year

Jon Feinstein - Untitled - True North, 2020.

Cassandra Klos - Untitled

Jody Poorwill - April 22, 2020

Svetlana Lisichnikova - Smart Working

Stephanie Noritz - Untitled

Katelyn Barry - Untitled

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